Frequently Asked Questions

Android IROAD App WiFi Registration Errors

Turn off your Mobile Data

  1. Activate Wi-Fi registration standby mode
  2. Search “IROAD Dashcam” on IROAD application
  3. Touch the searched Dashcam
  4. Turn off mobile network
  5. Successfully connected

Currently, due to compatibility issues between IROAD Dashcam and some Android smartphones, even though Wi-Fi registration standby mode is enabled, it is not possible to register IROAD Dashcam on IROAD mobile application.
To make the connection between IROAD Dashcam and your smartphone easier, turn off your smartphone’s mobile data and see if it’s working properly.

How to download "iRoad PC Viewer" for Windows 32bit users

This is IROAD Genuine viewer for Windows 32bit users.

As a PC viewer for those who use a 32bit operating system, not a 64bit operating system.
If your operating system is 64bit, we recommend that you should install proper PC Viewer via download page. Please install the viewer only if it is a 32bit operating system.

Warning: Video playback may not be smooth on a 32bit operating system.

[How to Download]
IROAD_Viewer(x32).zip (unzip and install on your PC)

Windows Viewer (32bit)

How to change the iRoad device language?

The language is configured at the factory and cannot be changed on the device. It is not possible to get a warranty replacement for this when purchased from Korea or unauthorised seller.

How do I update the firmware on my iRoad device?

Android – After running the app, you can select “firmware update” by pressing the top right arrow.

IOS – After running the app, you can select “firmware update” by pressing the top left arrow.

What is an uninterrupted power supply unit?

The iRoad uninterrupted power supply unit connects your iRoad device to your vehicle’s battery. The power is automatically cut if the voltage drops below the configured value or the configured time elapses to prevent discharging the vehicle battery.

This allows your iRoad device to continue to be powered by your vehicle whilst the engine is turned off.

Is there a power button on my iRoad device?

No. The iRoad camera automatically switches on when connected to a power supply either using the cigarette jack or uninterrupted power supply.

Can I watch real-time video on my smartphone?

Yes. You can download real-time and saved videos with our iRoad app and Wi-Fi features.

How do I connect my iRoad device to the power supply?
  1. If you don’t use IROAD all the time, then connect the power cable to the Dash cam and to the cigar jack in your car.
  2. If you use it all the time, then connect it to your car’s battery using our Constant Fuse Cable to prevent car battery discharge.
I receive a warning when trying to run the iRoad viewer on a Mac

As our MAC viewer software is not available through the Mac app store, you need to allow third party apps to run on your device.
To do this;

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Click into Security and Privacy
  3. At the bottom of the window there is a section titled Allow apps downloaded from. Please change this to Anywhere. If this is greyed out or disabled, please click the padlock in the bottom left of the window first to allow the settings to be changed.
  4. The first time you run the iRoad Viewer you will be shown a warning saying that the app was not downloaded from the app store. To continue, please click okay/open.


On Windows the iRoad viewer has been detected as a virus
  • PC Viewer download from IROAD website or SD card, is not infected with a virus. It may not be registered in the anti-virus program so that it can be considered as a virus (a false positive).
  • Please re-install the PC viewer after turning off the anti-virus program.
My iRoad dash cam does not turn on

Please try to reconnect the power cable with the vehicle ignition on. If that does not work, please connect the iRoad dash cam to the vehicles cigarette jack.

The video footage appears blurry
  • If this is a new product, please check if the lens protector has been removed.
  • Please check that there are no foreign substances on the lens.
  • If neither of the above resolve your issue, please contact your seller/distributor
My iRoad dashcam keeps restarting
  1. If your iRoad Dashcam turns on with the message Start recording, please check the SD card on a different device.
  2. Please connect your SD card to a PC.
  3. Back up the contents and then try to format the SD card.
  4. If you are unable to format the SD card, it may be damaged and need to be replaced. If the same issue occurs with a different SD card, please contact the seller/distributor.
My iRoad dashcam is showing the error "SD card is damaged"
  • Please try to format the SD card on your PC.
  • If the issue persists or you are unable to format the SD card, please try an alternative SD card.
  • If you still receive the same symptoms, please contact the seller/distributor.
Which version of the iRoad app should I use?

To find the correct version of the iRoad app, please go to either the App Store or Google Play Store depending on your device and search for IROAD. The iRoad app icon has the red background.

My iRoad dashcam shows the error "No Wi-Fi Dongle"

Please check Wi-Fi is on by pressing the power button for 1.5 seconds and listen for the voice guidance saying “Wi-Fi power is on”.
If the issue persists even after the Wi-Fi dongle is on, it will need to be replaced. Please contact the seller/distributor.

When connected to the iRoad Android app, the firmware update notification keeps appearing

This usually indicates that the firmware update was broken whilst downloading.

  1. Please go to My File
  2. Internal Memory
  3. iRoad File
  4. Delete the firmware file and attempt to update again.
GPS does not work when GPS is connected
  • Please check that the GPS is fully connected to the device first
  • Please check the blue LED is on. Otherwise please contact the seller/distributor
ADAS is not working on my iRoad device
  • Please note, ADAS only works with GPS (optional) connection.
  • Please turn on ADAS through the app
The timestamp on my recordings is incorrect
  • The time setting is automatically applied when synchronised with the mobile app. If it is currently incorrect, please resynchronise with the app to update it.
  • If the time is still incorrect, please contact the seller/distributor.
How do I turn off recording whilst parked?
  • When installing with an uninterrupted fuse cable, please connect both the VCC (yellow) and ACC (red) connectors to the ACC port.
  • Alternatively, please use the iRoad OBD cable or cigarette jack.
My iRoad dashcam turns off even though it is connected to the vehicle with an uninterrupted fuse cable
  • Please check that the VCC and ACC connections are correct.
  • Please check the status of the vehicle battery.
  • iRoad dashcam’s have a built in LBP function that turns off the dashcam automatically before the battery is discharged.
The external GPS signal is not stable

If the GPS antenna is installed too close to the dashcam, the reception may deteriorate due to interference. Please install the external GPS a little away from the dashcam.

How do I connect my device to the iRoad app?


  1. Please Turn on Wi-Fi and set the standby mode first, then check the Wi-Fi signal from your iOS device (IROAD_XX_XXXXXX).
  2. Please press IROAD Wi-Fi and press password ‘qwertyuiop’
  3. Please run IROAD app.


  1. Please Turn on Wi-Fi and set the standby mode first, then run the IROAD app from your Android device.
  2. Please add the IROAD dash cam by pressing the ‘+’ sign in the center of the screen (IROAD_XX_XXXXXX)
  3. Please check synchronization
  4. If it does not connect to some Android phone, please turn off the functions such as Mobile data, Mobile data switch,and then connect the dashcam’s Wi-Fi in the Wi-Fi setting first and run the app.
How long is the iRoad warranty?

This warranty on the IROAD Dash Cameras is 2 years, please ensure you register your Dash Camera to obtain this warranty.

The warranty on the SD Card is 6 months.