Parksafe Group have been appointed IROAD UK Dash Camera Distributors

Parksafe Group are proud to announce that they have been appointed as UK distributor for the luxury IROAD brand, acquiring the role of ‘IROAD UK.’

As a leading automotive product supplier with over 30 years’ experience, Parksafe Group’s vision is simple – to provide security and safety solutions to thousands of British drivers – by offering high performing, reliable driver recorder systems using state of the art dash cam security.

IROAD is undeniably amongst the world’s leading dash camera manufacturers, with some of the highest number of car cameras sold worldwide. Known for engineering highly reliable, high-performance dash cams that never disappoint, IROAD dash cameras offer you the ultimate in sleek design and technology at an affordable price, allowing you to buy with confidence.

Dash cameras are invaluable in today’s modern society, as well as being an effective way to monitor our own driving habits, they aid protection against dangerous drivers, expensive insurance claims, fraudsters and inevitably provide peace of mind. According to recent research carried out during a four-year period, dash camera ownership in the UK has increased from just 1% to around 15%

IROAD dash cameras are considered among the world’s best, using a combination of superior software and hardware to produce crystal clear, bright, and high-quality footage, even in low light. Additionally, IROAD dash cameras are equipped with in-built GPS, allowing you to monitor the exact location of your vehicle. The Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) provides audio-voice alerts for Lane Departure (LDWS), Front Collision (FCWS) and Front Vehicle Departure (FVDWS) to the driver, when the vehicle starts drifting from its lane, or when there is a risk of an imminent crash.

The IROAD FX Series also offers Parking Mode, which starts recording whenever an impact is detected, this could be from something (or someone) knocking the wing mirror to hitting your car and means you will have a better chance of finding out who’s responsible for the damage.

Other features include:

  • 1080p Front & Rear
  • Internal GPS (others on market are external)
  • ADAS
  • Hyperlapse giving you up to 4 x more recording than most other dams.
  • Event and Manual Recording
  • Parking Mode (up to 48 hours) and Motion Detection
  • Buffered Event Recording
  • GPS Location and Speed
  • Wi-Fi & Mobile App
  • SD card included
  • Format Free

From first-time drivers and first-time parents to the owner (or manager) of a busy Fleet, security and peace of mind are always at the forefront of any vehicle owner’s mind. So don’t wait until you’ve already had an accident, and had to pay out ever-increasing premium rates, to invest in a reliable, quality assured dash camera.

Discover our premium range of IROAD FX Series Dash cameras, get in touch with an IROAD UK specialist dealer today!

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and experience safe driving, unlike anything you’ve experienced before!